Sanitas Industries

Sanitas Industries acquires and operates enduring industrial businesses in the western and midwestern US.

Our Approach

Sanitas Industries partners with owners who are looking to step aside and be properly rewarded for the business they have built. Sanitas is not a financial institution but rather a group of well capitalized and experienced business leaders. We are prepared to execute a straight-forward transaction and carry on the proud legacy that sellers have built.Sanitas is based in Boulder, Colorado, and it partners with industrial businesses in the western and midwestern US that have built enduring relationships with their customers. Sanitas targets companies with between $500K and $2M of annual profit.


The partners at Sanitas Industries bring decades of experience in building businesses and abundant capital to finance their acquisitions.

Toby Murdock

Toby is the Founder and CEO of multiple start-ups in the technology industry. Most recently Toby founded and led Kapost, a content marketing software business based in Boulder, CO. At Kapost he led the fundraising of $19M in capital and drove the growth of the business to over 100 employees and over $15MM in revenue with customers such as Salesforce, IBM, Adobe, HP, Dell, GE, FedEx & Microsoft. Toby then sold the company for $52M to Upland Software (UPLD).Prior to Kapost, Toby founded and sold numerous businesses and served in a number of jobs in the software industry. Toby lives in Boulder, CO where he and his wife raised three children.

Ted Church

Ted Church is the Founder and Owner of Anthem Branding, a marketing and branding agency based in Boulder, CO. Ted has built the business to over $12M in annual revenue with customers such as Google, Audi, Adobe, Chipotle and HBO.Ted lives in Boulder, Colorado where he and his wife raised their two children.

Simon Heart

Simon Heart is the CEO/Owner of three All County residential property management franchise locations – in Boulder and Fort Collins, CO and Nashville, TN. Simon founded the businesses and over 10 years grew it organically and via acquisitions. He now manages 1,000+ properties with over $3MM of annual revenue.Prior to All County Simon spent 20+ years in engineering/management consulting focused on utility business improvement. Simon lives in Boulder, CO where he and his wife have raised their three children.

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